Dates of birth of famous people, other important dates of Lithuania history


1 d. Lithuanian Flag Day. 1919 In Vilnius, a group of Lithuanian volunteers, led by Kazys Škirpa, raised the Lithuanian tricolor in the tower of Gediminas Castle. Since 1997 January 1 is the day of the Lithuanian flag.

1 d. 1467 Sigismund I the Old was born in 1950. The Grand Duke of Lithuania and the King of Poland (since 1506). Lithuanian Grand Duke Kazimieras Jogailaitis and Elizabeth of the Habsburgs son of the dynasty.

1 d. 1714 Kristijonas Donelaitis was born. Lithuanian poet, evangelical Lutheran priest. Pioneer of Lithuanian fiction. The most famous work is the poem Metai (Year) (1760–75).

1 d. 1889 Juozas Tallat Kelpša was born. Composer and conductor.

1 d. 1938 Norbertas Vėlius was born. Lithuanian ethnographer and religious researcher.

2 d. 1879 Adomas Varnas was born. Painter, graphic artist, photographer.

2 d. 1924 Henrikas Vancevičius was born. Lithuanian theater director, actor. He has directed more than 60 drama and opera performances. Government of the Republic of Lithuania Culture and Art Prize (2014).

3 d. 1872 Jonas Vileišis was born. 20 a. Lithuanian political figure of the first half. Brother of A.Vileišis and P.Vileišis. Lawyer. Member of the Council of Lithuania, signatory of the February 16 Act. 1918–1919 Minister of the Interior and Finance. 

3 d. 1879 Steponas Kairys was born. 20 a. Lithuanian political figure and publicist of the first half. One of the organizers of the Lithuanian Conference (1917), member of the Council of Lithuania, signatory of the February 16 Act. Member of the Constituent and other Seimas. One of the organizers of the Central Committee for the Liberation of Lithuania, the first chairman.

3 d. 1943 Petras Bingelis was born. Lithuanian choir conductor. Laureate of the Lithuanian National Prize (1993).

4 d. 1925 Zigmas Zinkevičius was born. He was a leading Lithuanian linguist-historian, professor at Vilnius University, and a full member of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, 1996–1998. Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania.

4 d. 1941 Romas Pakalnis was born. Forestry engineer, ecologist, public figure. 2012-2018 was the chairman of the Lithuanian National Commission for UNESCO. He published more than 230 scientific and popular science articles on landscape ecology and environmental protection. Laureate of the V.Adamkus Prize (1996)

5 d. 1931 Kazys Napaleonas Kitkauskas was born. Lithuanian architect, restorer, engineer, builder, cultural and public figure. He was the scientific director of the project for the restoration of the Palace of the Rulers of the Lower Castle of Vilnius. found the treasure of the Vilnius Cathedral hidden during the Second World War and helped to preserve it. Laureate of the Lithuanian National Prize (1990).

5 d. 1947 Regimantas Midvikis was born. Lithuanian sculptor. The most famous works are monument for the brothers Vileišiai,  built in 2018, Monument to King Mindaugas 2003, both in Vilnius, monument for M. Mažvydas, 1997, monument the millennium of the name of Lithuania, 2009, both in Klaipėda, monument J.Miltinis in Panevėžys, 2007, monument to the partisans of Kęstutis district in Tauragė, 2008. Laureate of the Lithuanian National Prize (1994).

6 d. 1893 Vincas Mykolaitis-Putinas was born. Lithuanian writer, translator, literary critic. He is best known for his symbolic poems - a collection of poems „Tarp dviejų aušrų“ (Between Two Dawns) (1927) and a novel „Altorių šešėly“ (Shadow of the Altar) (1932-1933).

6 d. 1905 Kazys Boruta was born. Lithuanian writer, poet, political figure. The most famous work is the novel „Baltaragio malūnas“ (Baltaragis Mill) (1945).

7 d. 1910 Pranas Lubinas (Frank Lubin) was born. 20 a. United States and Lithuanian basketball player. 1936 Olympic champion (with the United States national team), 1939 European champion (with Lithuanian national team). Thanks to Lubin, men's and women's basketball teams achieved significant achievements and basketball became very popular in Lithuania.

8 d. 1880 Vanda Tumėnienė was born. Pediatrician, pioneer of pediatrics in Lithuania. in 1924 founded the State Children's Hospital in Kaunas together with others. in 1934 with her efforts, a 100-bed sanatorium for children with tuberculosis was built.

8 d. 1896 Steponas Darius was born. Legendary Lithuanian pilot, military pilot, athlete, one of the leaders of the Lithuanian Physical Education Union, sports, football and baseball leagues. Popularized sports in Lithuania. 1933 together with Stasys Girėnas, Lituanica flew across the Atlantic Ocean.

9 d. 1776 Liudvikas Gediminas Rėza was born. Evangelical Lutheran priest, Lithuanian writer. 1818 was the first to publish Kristijonas Donelaitis' poem "Metai", in 1825. published the first collection of Lithuanian folk songs "Dainos, oder littauische Volkslieder", sent this collection to J.W.Goethe.

9 d. 1928 Irena Veisaitė was born. Literary and theatrical researcher.

12 d. 1927 Algirdas Eugenijus Steponavičius was born. Lithuanian graphic artist, book illustrator. Laureate of the Lithuanian National Prize (1990). He painted multi-figure wall paintings in the children's cafe "Nykštukas" in Vilnius and in the children's sanatorium "Pušelė" in Valkininkai (a digitally reproduced fragment of the work is in the MO Museum in Vilnius). These works, which have not survived to the present day, were some of the most innovative and original works of the seventies.

13 d. Defenders of Freedom Day. January 13. Military of the USSR aggression action  in Lithuania. On the night of January 13, 1991, the military units of the USSR occupied Lithuanian radio and television, the television tower and some other buildings, and interrupted Lithuanian radio and television broadcasts. 13 Lithuanian defenders of freedom (Loreta Asanavičiūtė (23 years old), Virginijus Druskis (21 years old), Darius Gerbutavičius (17 years old), Rolandas Jankauskas (22 years old), Rimantas Juknevičius (24 years old), Alvydas Kanapinskas (38 years old), Algimantas Petras Kavoliukas (52 years old), Vidas Maciulevičius (24 years old), Titas Masiulis (28 years old), Alvydas Matulka (35 years old), Juozas Apolinaras Povilaitis (53 years old), Ignas Šimulionis (17 years old), Vytautas Vaitkus (47 years old)) were killed in the assault. Vytautas Koncevičius (49) died of his injuries in February. About 700 people were injured and a lot of material damage was done.

13 d. 1873 Juozapas Gudavičius was born. Lithuanian composer, conductor, choir conductor, organist, teacher.

13 d. 1880 Jovaras was born (real name Jonas Krikščiūnas). Bookbinder and poet. His poems „Ko liūdi, berželi?“ (What are you sad, birch?), „Tylus, tylus vakarėlis“ (Silent, silent evening) and others turned into folk songs.

13 d. 1892 Vladas Lašas was born. Lithuanian doctor, physiologist, allergist, political and public figure. Pioneer of allergology in Lithuania

13 d. 1947 Jurgis Kunčinas was born. Lithuanian writer, translator.

14 d. 1881 Jonas Vabalas‑Gudaitis was born. Lithuanian pedagogue and psychologist. Pioneer of experimental psychology and pedagogy in Lithuania. The first in Lithuania and one of the first in Europe to apply the principle of interaction in pedagogy. Created the term synergy.

14 d. 1904 Viktoras Vizgirda was born. Lithuanian painter

15 d. 1771 Jurgis Ambraziejus Pabrėža was born. Lithuanian priest, monk, pedagogue, participant of the Lithuanian cultural movement, activist of Samogitian writing and creator of scientific terminology, bibliophile.

15 d. 1947 Stasys Povilaitis was born a Lithuanian pop singer and songwriter.

16 d. 1915 Algirdas Petrulis was born. Lithuanian painter. Laureate of the Lithuanian National Prize (1995).

17 d. 1835 Antanas Baranauskas was born. Bishop, poet, linguist and mathematician. The most famous work is the poem „Anykščių šilelis“ ("Anykščiai bush" written 1858–1859).

18 d. 1897 Balys Buračas was born. Lithuanian ethnographer, photographer. While traveling around Lithuania, he photographed monuments of small folk architecture, crosses, folk art objects, about 11 000 the negatives he recorded. Wrote more than 3 500 songs, 200 lamentations, left 800 custom descriptions. Compiled a collection of more than 3 600 Easter eggs.

19 d. 1944 Gediminas Girdvainis was born. Lithuanian film and theater actor. Laureate of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania Culture and Art Prize (2007)

20 d. 1785 Theodore von Grotus was born. Lithuanian physicochemist. Published the first theory of electrolysis. In studying the interaction of light with matter in 1815 discovered the law of phosphorescence in 1818 - important photochemical laws. 1994 The Lithuanian Academy of Sciences founded Th. von Grotthuss Foundation, established a prize and an annual scholarship, since 1995 awarded a medal.

21 d. 1938 Rūta Staliliūnaitė was born. Lithuanian theater and film actress. Art Prize of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania (1998). Lithuanian National Prize (2008).

23 d. 1897 Ieva Simonaitytė was born. Klaipeda region writer 

23 d. 1921 Birutė Marija Gimbutienė was born. Lithuanian archaeologist, pioneer of archaeomithology. Filos. dr. (1946). Honorary Professor at the University of California (1975), Honorary Doctor of Vilnius University (1993).

24 d. 1885 Pranas Mažylis was born. Doctor obstetrician gynecologist.1922 He established the Midwifery School in Kaunas, and later his own midwifery-gynecology hospital. 1926 on his initiative, the Red Cross Hospital in Kaunas started transfusing blood and treating cancer with radium. Righteous Among the Nations of the World (2006).

25 d. 1851 Petras Vileišis was born. Organizer and patron of the Lithuanian national movement, educator, state figure. Engineer. He was famous in the Russian Empire as a specialist in road and rail bridges, designing and building more than 100 bridges. He was one of the initiators and authors of the edition of the newspaper Aušra, supporting Aušra and Varpas with his own funds. 1904  he established a printing house and started publishing the first Lithuanian daily newspaper Vilniaus žinios, mainly at his own expense. He contributed a lot to the establishment of Lithuanian science and Lithuanian art societies.

25 d. 1890 Paulius Galaunė was born. Lithuanian graphic artist, art historian and museologist. He was the first to offer exhibitions of ecclesiastical art and ex-libris in Lithuania, to collect and research works of folk art and professional art, and to take care of the registration, protection and return of Lithuanian cultural monuments to Lithuania.

26 d. The Battle of Ula during the Livonian War. 1564 In the Vitebsk County near the tributary of the Daugava, the army of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, led by Grand Hetman Mikalojus Radvila Rudasis(Brown) and Field Hetman Grigalius Chodkevičius, defeated the Russian (Moscow) army. The Battle of Ula and the Battle of Orsha shortly afterwards made the GDL army famous throughout Europe. After these victories in the Livonian War, Russia's invasion of Lithuania was stopped.

27 d. 1908 Antanas Maceina was born. One of the most famous Lithuanian philosophers of the 20th century.

28 d. 1835 Vincas Svirskis was born. Lithuanian folk artist sculptor, cross-worker. Bookbinder.

28 d. 1872 Kazimieras Steponas Šaulys was born. A figure of the Lithuanian state and a member of the Catholic Church, Prelate. Participant of the Lithuanian Conference (1917), member of the Council of Lithuania, signatory of the February 16 Act.

31 d. 1926 Vytautas Klova was born. Lithuanian composer and pedagogue. His most famous work is the opera Pilėnai (1956).

31 d. 1937 Regimantas Adomaitis was born. Lithuanian actor. Played more than 60 roles in the theater. Created more than 80 roles in Lithuanian and foreign cinema and television films. Lithuanian National Prize (2014), Golden Stage Cross (2017).

31 d. 1939 Romualdas Ozolas was born. Lithuanian politician, public figure, publicist. Philologist, philosopher. March 11 Signatory of the Act.


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