Dates of birth of famous people, other important dates of Lithuania history


1 d. 1885 Mykolas Krupavičius was born. Lithuanian priest, political and public figure, one of the founders and leaders of the Christian Democratic Party, Minister of Agriculture (1923–1926). Together with others, drafted and implemented the Land Reform Act. In emigration, he headed the Central Committee for the Liberation of Lithuania.

2 d. 1951 The Soviets launched the deportation operation "Osen" (Autumn). It was carried out by 15 thousand. security personnel, military, militiamen, stribes and about 8,000 Soviet activists. In two days, 16,150 people were deported, including 5,278 children. During the whole of 1951, a total of 21,177 inhabitants were deported from Lithuania.

3 d. 1890 Vincas Grybas was born. Lithuanian sculptor, political and public figure. One of the most famous of the 20th century. 1 half of Lithuanian sculptors.

3 d. 1458 St. Casimir was born. The holy, heavenly patron saint of Lithuania. He was a prince of the Kingdom of Poland and of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.. Because of his piety and virtuous life in 1602. proclaimed a saint. Remembrance Day - March 4.

4 d. 1893 Stasys Girėnas was born. Lithuanian and American aviator, 1933. together with Steponas Darius, Lituanica flew across the Atlantic.

6 d. 1745 Pranciškis Smuglevičius was born. The most famous Lithuanian classicist artist

9 d. 1850 Vincas Pietaris was born. Doctor, Lithuanian writer, co-author of forbidden Lithuanian journalism, author of the first Lithuanian historical novel Algimantas.

9 d. 1908 Jonas Švedas was born. Lithuanian conductor, composer, trombonist, pedagogue. In 1940 he founded the State Song and Dance Ensemble (now "Lietuva") and until 1962 (with a break) he was its artistic director and chief conductor.

10 d. 1904 Liudas Truikys was born. Painter, set designer, teacher of decorative arts.

11 d. 1928 Saulius Sondeckis was born. Lithuanian violinist, conductor, teacher. Laureate of the Lithuanian National Prize (1999).

13 d. 1873 Mikas Petrauskas was born. Composer, organist, choir conductor. According to Gabrielius Landsbergis-Žemkalnis melodrama, he created and staged the first Lithuanian opera Birutė.

13 d. 1929 Donatas Sauka was born. Lithuanian folklorist, literary critic. Researched Lithuanian folklore and European culture. Lithuanian Science Prize (1995), Lithuanian National Prize Laureate (1998).

13 d. 1949 Aldona Česaitytė Nenėnienė was born. Lithuanian handball player. 1976 and 1980 Olympic champion.

15 d. 1892 Vladas Kuzma was born. Surgeon. 1923 was the first in Lithuania to transfuse blood, promoting blood conservation. Made about 20,000 complex operations. The poor were treated for free.

16 d. 1950 Jonas Katakinas was born. Lithuanian ballet artist, teacher.

18 d. 1890 Leonas Bistras was born. Lithuanian state and political figure. 1922–1923 and 1925. Speaker of the Seimas. 1923–1925, 1926–1927. and 1939. Minister of Education. 1925–1926 Prime Minister, Minister of National Defense and Foreign Affairs.

18 d. 1906 Romualdas Juknevičius was born. One of the most famous Lithuanian theater directors, actors and theater teachers.

18 d. 1911 Julijonas Steponavičius was born. Vilnius Archbishop, exile, Apostolic Administrator of the Vilnius Archdiocese.

18 d. 1932 Vytautas Landsbergis was born. Lithuanian state, political and cultural figure, cultural historian, pianist, musicologist. 1990-92 Chairman of the Supreme Council-Restorative Seimas. March 11 Signatory of the Act.

19 d. 1882 Vincas Krėvė-Mickevičius was born. Lithuanian prose writer, playwright, classic of Lithuanian literature, professor, political figure.

25 d. Since 1994 October 25, 1992 is marked as the Day of the Constitution. The Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania was adopted by a constitutional referendum held together with the first round of the Seimas elections. November 2 The Constitution, which entered into force in Lithuania, restored the institution of the President.

26 d. 1799 Simonas Stanevičius was born. Lithuanian poet, folklorist, philologist, historian. The first professional Lithuanian philologist. He wrote 6 fairy tales and the ode "Šlovė Žemaičių", which is the first work of this genre in Lithuanian.

Simonas Daukantas28 d. 1793 Simonas Daukantas was born. One of the most famous Lithuanian historians, educator, activist of national revival, author of the first Lithuanian history in Lithuanian.

30 d. 1728 Martynas Pocobutas was born. Lithuanian astronomer and mathematician, rector of Vilnius University, Jesuit. Directed the reconstruction of the university observatory, provided it with the latest instruments, in 1777. discovered a new constellation - the Poniatowski Taurus.

31 d. 1876 Antanas Žmuidzinavičius was born. Lithuanian artist, collector, public figure.

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