Dates of birth of famous people, other important dates of Lithuania history


Jonas Mačiulis-Maironis2 d. 1862 Jonas Mačiulis-Maironis was born. The most famous of the 19th century. end of the 20th century early Lithuanian poet. Catholic priest. Prelate.

3 d. 1926 Valdas Adamkus was born. Fifth and Seventh President of the Republic of Lithuania (1998–2003 and 2004–2009), Lithuanian public figure in the United States of America, ecologist.

4 d. 1930 Vytautas Andziulis was born. Lithuanian anti-Soviet resistance figure, printing house owner. 1978-1981 In the village of Saliai near Kaunas under his residential house, he had set up an illegal printing publishing house “ab”. In 1981-1990. published 39 religious, historical, and other publications on anti-Soviet resistance.

5 d. 1885 Vladas Jurgutis was born. Lithuanian politician, economist. Pioneer of Lithuanian financial science, creator of financial terminology.The first governor of the Bank of Lithuania, called the father of the litas.

6 d. 1879 Kazimieras Būga was born. Lithuanian linguist, one of the most famous Lithuanian language researchers, professor.

6 d. 1938 Leonardas Gutauskas was born. Lithuanian writer, painter. Laureate of the Lithuanian National Prize (2001)

7 d. 1790 Karolis Podčašinskis was born. Lithuanian architect, architectural theorist. A representative of late classicism. He redesigned the Vilnius University Library halls (now Aula) and the reading rooms of Professors (now Researchers), and designed the Tuskulėnai manor house in Vilnius. The most important project is the reconstruction of St. John's Church.

8 d. 1784 Teodoras Narbutas was born. Lithuanian historian, romantic, researcher of folklore and culture, archaeologist, engineer, architect.

8 d. 1884 Zigmas Žemaitis was born. Lithuanian physicist, mathematician, cultural and social figure. Rector of VU.

8 d. 1931 Jurgis Mačiūnas was born. Lithuanian diaspora artist. An avant-garde artist, pioneer of the Fluxus movement.

8 d. 1950 Ričardas Gavelis was born. Lithuanian writer, one of the most prominent postmodernists of prose. His novel Vilnius Poker marks a turning point in Lithuanian traditional prose.

13 d. 1806 Emilija Pliaterytė was born. Countess, descended from the famous Pliater family, in 1831. participant in the uprising, captain of the rebel forces, called the Lithuanian Jeanne d'Arc.

13 d. 1885 Martynas Yčas was born. Lithuanian politician, public figure. One of the founders of the Lithuanian Society for the Relief of War Victims (1914), 1915–1917. the chairman. Member of the Council of Lithuania. 1918 independent Lithuanian finance, trade and industry, 1918–1919. Minister of Finance.

14 d. 1866 Justinas Staugaitis was born. Bishop, Lithuanian state, Catholic Church, public figure. Prelate (1924). Vice-President of the Council of Lithuania, Signatory of the February 16 Act. Member of the Constituent, First and Second Seimas, 1923–1924 and 1926 Speaker of the Seimas.

14 d. 1890 Vytautas Kairiūkštis was born. Lithuanian painter, pedagogue, art critic.

14 d. 1925 Vaclovas Intas was born. Doctor, stone collector. 1957 He founded a museum of unique stones in Mosėdis.

14 d. 1961 Jurga Ivanauskaitė was born. 20–21 a. Lithuanian writer, painter. Laureate of the Lithuanian National Prize (2005). In 2008, the Jurga Ivanauskaitė Prize was established.

16 d. 1893 Kazys Binkis was born. Lithuanian poet, writer, journalist, playwright.

17 d. 1520 Martynas Mažvydas was born. 16 a. pioneer of Lithuanian writing, author of the first book in Lithuanian, evangelical Lutheran priest.

17 d. 1904 Salomeja Neris was born . Lithuanian poet.

18 d. 1881 Juozas Zikaras was born. One of the first professional Lithuanian sculptors, professor.

21 d. 1952 Eimuntas Nekrošius was born. Lithuanian theater director. Laureate of the Lithuanian National Prize (1997).

Jonas Basanavičius23 d. 1851 Jonas Basanavičius was born. Activist and ideologue of the Lithuanian national movement, scientist, doctor. February 16 Signatory of the Act.

23 d. 1881 Petras Rimša was born. Lithuanian sculptor, graphic artist, medalist.

24 d. 1714 Tomas Žebrauskas was born. Astronomer, mathematician and architect, Jesuit priest. Reformed the teaching of exact sciences at Vilnius University, established physics and astronomy classrooms. Prepared the project of Vilnius University Observatory, was its first director. Reconstructed St. Ignatius Church in Vilnius, gave it Rococo forms.

24 d.1930 Adolfas Laimutis Telksnys was born. Electrical engineer, computer scientist. Pioneer of Internet development in Lithuania. Laureate of the Lithuanian Science Prize (2008).

26 d.1926 Galina Dauguvietytė was born. 20–21 a. Lithuanian television director, screenwriter, actress. Awarded the Cross of the Officer of the Grand Order of Vytautas (2004).

27 d.1881 Konstantinas Šakenis was born. 20 a. a figure of the Lithuanian state and society of the first half. 1927–1934 Minister of Education. 1934–1940 State Comptroller.) At the last meeting of the Government on June 15, 1940, he spoke in favor of resistance to Soviet occupation. Awarded the orders of Vytautas the Great 2nd degree (1930), Gediminas 1st degree (1938).

27 d.1926 Laimonas Noreika was born. 20–21 a. Lithuanian actor. Awarded the Lithuanian National Prize (1993), the Cross of the Officer of the Order of Gediminas (1996)

27 d. 1929 Vytautas Statulevičius was born. Lithuanian scientist, habilitated doctor of mathematical sciences, full member of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences (1972).

28 d. 1911 Beatričė Grincevičiūtė was born. 20 a. Lithuanian singer (soprano). The first Lithuanian chamber singer. Since 1991, Beatričė Grincevičiūtė's chamber singing competitions have been organized (every 5 years).

29 d. 1901 Juozas Grušas was born. 20 a. Lithuanian writer, one of the most famous playwrights. He has written over 20 dramatic works - "Herkus Mantas", (1957), "Love, Jazz and the Devil", (1967), "Barbora Radvilaitė" (1971), "Švitrigaila" (1976) and others.

29 d. 1910 Antanas Škėma was born. Lithuanian writer, actor, director. One of the first creators of Lithuanian modern drama. The most famous work is the novel White Shroud(Balta drobulė) (1958).

30 d. 1427 Kazimieras Jogailaitis was born. Grand Duke of Lithuania Kazimieras I Jogailaitis (1440–1492), King of Poland Kazimieras IV Jogailaitis (1447-1492). Against the will of Polish gentlemen, he was proclaimed Grand Duke of Lithuanian nobility for 13 years. The proposal to occupy the throne of the King of Poland was accepted only under the conditions of the Union of Equal States (personal union). During his reign, Lithuanian law was codified for the first time, and the Kazimierz acquis was published. It is believed that Kazimieras Jogailaitis was the last Grand Duke of Lithuania to speak Lithuanian.

30 d. 1768 Andrius Sniadeckis was born. Chemist, doctor. Pioneer of biochemistry in Lithuania. He wrote the first textbook of chemistry in Lithuania “Primaries of Chemistry” (Początki chemiji 2 vol. 1800, in Lithuanian in 2004).

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